The gauntlet has been thrown.  Forget the times that Lawrence and I have set.  Those times have been destroyed by Fat Arthur.

On Sunday, September 17, Fat Arthur became the first official contestant and set the benchmark ridiculously high on the leader board.

Here is the video of Fat Arthur going to town.

A full leader board will be up shortly.

As a reminder, here are the rules:

Cost of Entry: $20 per try (includes the 15 wings for the competition and 1 draft beer of choice (some restrictions may apply))

Contest: Eat 15 Chicken Wings, flavor of contestant’s choosing, as fast as possible.

Contest Structure: Contestants with the top 5 recorded times by November 24, 2011 are invited to participate in the “Championship Round” that will take place on Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 7:30pm. The Championship Round consists of a head to head competition where contestants eat 15 wings as fast as possible.

Responsibility: Contestant is responsible for the timing. Our staff will monitor and will be responsible for time verification and judgement regarding completeness of wing eating. All rulings by our staff are final.

Prizes: Contestants with the top 5 recorded times by November 24, 2011 win a Manchester Pub T-Shirt and a Growler filled with an available draft beer of the contestant’s choice (some restrictions may apply). The winner of the Championship Round wins a trophy and a 10 person open bar party!

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