I have been very muted about college football this season.

By all accounts, college football has been good to me this year.  The Manchester Pub became the official venue for the New York Association of Rice Alumni watch party for the Rice University Owls.  The Rice University Owls are leading the West Division for Conference USA… with it’s only two losses coming at the hands of Johnny Football and Texas A&M (that should have been a W… how do you suspend a player for 1/2 a game?) and the nail biter against the Houston Cougars.  After last week’s blow out of UTEP, I feel very good about the rest of the season… we’ll see how well things go against the Mean Green of North Texas (who calls their football team the Mean Green… it’s right out of The Longest Yard… with Adam Sandler… straight corny).

Rice Owls - Home Bar

More importantly, my beloved Michigan Wolverines are 6-1.  The only loss was after a quadruple over time with terrible clock management and poor kicking against Penn State.  (Quick joke. Question: What do you call an older woman who likes younger boys? Answer: A Cougar. Question: What  do you call an older man who likes younger boys? Answer: A Nittany Lion!)  I would like to say I actually finished watching that game, but thanks to our good friends of the Manchester Pub, Timon and Becky (and the unlikely Red River Rivalry win for Texas), I came up short… way short (That’s what she said!).

No more Jame-Os.

No more Jame-Os. Thanks C-Mac… Seriously, I hate you. Both of you.

That leaves us to this coming weekend… Michigan vs. Michigan State for the Paul Bunyan Trophy.  A match up featuring the #2 and #1 of the Legends Division.  This game has all sorts of implications…  The winner will most likely go on to play in the Big Ten Championship.  Of course, this means if Michigan wins, Michigan gets to play Ohio State… twice (I know I’m giving the School Down South a lot of credit, but Urban has a 20-0 record… even though he does recruit a bunch of cheaters… speaking of which, I use to be ambivalent toward the Oakland Raiders… but now I cannot stand them).  Obviously, the biggest concern for the Wolverines this weekend is the Spartan defense.  The Spartans rank 5th in the country in all of the following defensive categories –  rushing, passing, total, scoring and pass efficiency.  The Spartan defense has also put up quite a healthy amount of TDs… 1 in 6 of the Spartan’s TDs this season comes from defense…  I bleed Maize and Blue… but this is definitely a game for the Green and White to lose.

I don't know what you're talking about. Paul Bunyan is going nowhere.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Paul Bunyan is going nowhere.

With all that said, game time is 3:30 PM ET on Saturday, November 2, 2013.  We’ll be doing something a little special at the Manchester Pub.  My fellow Michigan alumni, Richard, has developed Preo (formerly BUZZtheBar), a smartphone application for both Android and iOS that allows customers to pre-order food and beverages (get it Preo, pre-order?) and skip long waiting lines (not that we ever have long waiting lines a the Manchester Pub.  Our service is that damn good).  Preo alongside to Kevin from Abita Brewing Company (you may ask what a Louisiana beer has to do with Michigan… well, Kevin graduated from Michigan State, he’s a Sparty, and I love him any ways… as long as he’s not a Buckeye) will be bringing you Abita specials through the Preo app.  $1 off Abitas ordered through the app… and a free pint of Abita for everyone who Likes the Manchester Pub on Facebook through the Preo app.  Also, be on the lookout for shot specials on the Preo app!

Mmmm... Beer. Abita Beer.

Mmmm… Beer. Abita Beer.

Come early… rock your Michigan and Michigan State gear… order Abitas… and make for one helluva Saturday.  I hope to see you there… or at least remember you there.  Go Blue!